In Germany there are a few aptitude tests that dachshunds must meet in order to not only move onto more difficult and Elite tests (Natural tests, VGP, VP) and in order to be approved for breeding.

Spurlaut (literally translates to “Loud on trail”) is a test used to test the nose, desire, line security, and voicing of the dog. For an old post that I wrote regarding how Spurlaut works in Germany see this Spurlaut Post.

Even though I am now living in Sweden, I wanted to check my own breeding stock to ensure that this genetic trait is still present. In Sweden, Dachshunds can partake in 3 different hunting-type exams: viltspår (blood tracking), drev (hunting), and gryt (underground). Drev is the closest to spurlaut, but it is still very different. Even though hunting tests are not a requirement for breeding in Sweden, I think it is important to maintain these qualities.

We are happy to report that Liina has 2 new “titles” from Germany to put behind her name: Sfk and Sp!

Sfk= Schussfestigkeit (Shot steadiness)

Sp= Spurlaut

Liina Sp 2017