2016. 10.14: 5 wildboar puppies-2 boys and 3 girls- were born to J SEVCH Fallilou du Sangre Bleu and J Frk-Fröjd’s Freja (grytprov kval 1, 2x1st prize blood tracking) at Skogsvettens Kennel in Sweden.

2 day old pups: Ymer, Vile, Thekla, Troja, and Idun (photo Skogsvettens)

4 weeks old: Ymer (blue), Vile (yellow), Troja (red), Idun (green), Thekla (pink-bottom left;(photos Skogsvettens))

6 weeks old. All have found active, loving homes (photos S.Hauri).


Headshots of the 7 week old pups (photo Skogsvettens)


08.2017: At the age of 10 months, Skogsvettens Troja received her final 1st prize with HP (!!) in open class blood tracking in Sweden, earning her the title of Swedish Blood Tracking Champion!! Biggest congratulations and thank you to her owners and breeder!

Photo B. Persson

New SEVCH Skogsvettens Troja at the age of almost 10.5 months