Aside from being excellent show and companion dogs, we want our dogs to work. All of our dogs are Champions in Blood tracking here in Sweden and completed Gun steadiness(Sfk) and Rabbit trailing/Hare drev in Germany (Sp). Additionally, they have completed test in several countries including Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in tests such as water retrieving, underground work (fox and badger), blood tracking, and rabbit trailing. The dachshund isn’t just a couch potato, but a real, all-around dog!

Furthermore, I have decided that a dog shouldn’t only be for trials. I recently completed my Swedish hunting exam and hope to take my dogs out on the hunt in the future.

Liina SEVCH  Bax tracking training


Fallilou du Sangre Bleu- Sfk, Sp (TS), BhfK/95, IT-BHFK95(100pts), IT-Fbja (ResCACT), IT-SchwhK, IT-SchwhK/40 (CACT), BHP1 & 2, GRYTAnlagsprov Kval1, GRYTApporteringsprov, eftersökhund GRYT, 3x1st prize viltspår-SEVCH

Barbwired Better than the Rest- Sfk, Sp, IT-SchwhK/40 (1st prize), BHP-G (TS), BPH (SE), WaT, GRYTAnlagsprov Kval2, 3x1st prize viltspår, 1xHP-SEVCH

Barbwired Champagne- Sfk, Sp, BhFK/95, 3x1st prize viltspår-SEVCH

Team-Freja Shaula- Sfk, 3x1st prize viltspår-SEVCH, BPH

water retreiving wassertest

Bax Sp

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