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January 2017

Goals for the year ahead

It is a new year folks! With this new year comes with a new set of goals. This year I hope to focus not only on my little mini Liina, but also hope that Baxter can get a little more time in the spotlight.


As I mentioned earlier, Baxter is retired from showing… at least until his Veteran career. I think that 17 show/working titles (without counting Winner titles and working results) is more than enough. He is an amazing dog and in fantastic shape and he deserves to be more than a sofa dog (he is only 5 this year after all)! He has great drive for chasing deer, hare, cats 😉  and I hope that I can rent some land this coming year so I can get my boy out in the forest and see how he does on Swedish Drev. Otherwise, I hope that I am still close enough to a Gryt this year to see if we can improve our score. In any case, we are practicing our tricks and trying to keep in good shape.



Our young lady is still our little project. I have decided that I would like to have her continue her trial career. I have spoken with friends in Germany and she (and I) will spend time practicing and performing working trials in Germany this year. Hopefully there is also a show thrown in, but well, it isn’t so necessary. Our only show hope this year is for a final CACIB so my little one can be an international Champion. So we will see and hope for a great year.



To make things more exciting, Liina may be having a love rendezvous sometimes this year, but this is still in the works. Keep posted for more details. 🙂


Winter Fun!

Happy 2017!

Although we currently have no snow here in Skåne, the dogs are all little snow lovers! Here are some of our favorite photos from past winters in Switzerland and Sweden.

Best wishes for the start of 2017!

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