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June 2019

Glad Midsommar!

Happy Midsummer from all of us! We hope that you are looking forward to the summer just as much as we are.

Congrats to Team-Freja Pollux on SEVCH!

2019.06.14- Today we send out biggest congratulations to Baxter’s daughter Team-Freja Pollux (Barbwired Better than the Rest x Bellomis Vodka Lime) on earning her Swedish Blood Tracking Champion title!

Pollux “Ebba” is the sister to our Stella and the first puppy from Baxter to earn a champion title.

Congrats to Ebba’s owners and breeder Carina for their great work. We are very proud!

Stella BIR and BIG Junior at Inofficial Dog in Göteborg

2019.06.02- We decided to get some training for the upcoming show season by attending an inofficial show at the local Brukshundsklub here in Göteborg. Stella behaved so well despite little to no training for the past 6 months.


The judge gave Stella a lovely evaluation! We are very proud. We did not get any love in the Best in Show ring, but it was a very positive experience for Stella and I. Hopefully more nice results will follow in the coming months.



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