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February 2017

Congratulations to Freddie’s daughter Troja!

Skogsvettens Troja (Fallilou du Sangre Bleu x Frk-Fröjd’s Freja) was to her first exhibition this past weekend. We are happy to report that little Troja was BOB puppy and BIG-3 puppy! What a great start. We are very proud! Additionally, Troja’s family has started training blood tracking with this clever girl.

Congrats to owner and breeder!

Spring is coming!

Spring is slowly, but surely making its way to southern Sweden! Baxter and Liina are enjoying long walks (when not too rainy), daily trips to the dog parks and chasing bunnies. Although the Finns loved the 50+cm of snow we received a few weeks ago, this Wisco gal is happy the white stuff is gone. Let’s hope for an early spring and great things for 2017!

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