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October 2017

Happy 1st Birthday to Freddie’s puppies!

Happy first birthday to the puppies from Skogsvettens 3rd litter (J Frk-Fröjd’s Freja  x SEVCH J Fallilou du Sangre Bleu)!! I am so happy to see how they have developed and very proud that Freddie and Freja passed on some great genes and the pups all seem to be doing well in their respective families. Additionally, daughter Troja earned her blood tracking championship (SEVCH) this summer and son Ymer was rated Excellent 1 on his first official dog show! img_9343

We are so happy for the great development of this litter and hope to see more great things from them in the future. 🙂 Although Freddie is no longer in my home, it warms my heart to see how his offspring are doing.

So a very, very Happy 1st Birthday to Skogsvettens Thekla, Troja, Idun, Vile and Ymer! We wish you very many more happy and fun-filled years!

3 available boys

Baxter and Signex puppies are now 6 weeks old. Time flies! Three little boys are still looking for active, loving, forever homes. If you are interested in a pup, contact:


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