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Puppies Planned Spring 2023

We are planning our first standard wirehaired dachshund litter out of Team-Freja Shaula “Stella” in early 2023. Once the pregnancy is confirmed more details will be provided.

There may be a potential opportunity to be a co-owner. If interested, read our pinned post on co-ownership and send an email about yourself.

For more details or inquires, please contact us by phone or email: here

Above: Stella, 3 years old.

Puppies from Stella’s 1st litter at Team-Freja kennel in Floda, Sweden *Copyright Team-Freja*

3 generations of red wirehaired dachshunds at Team-Freja kennel: Luna (Stella’s daughter), Freja (Stella’s mother) and Stella

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Updates on Baxter’s puppies

Our “Baxter” MultiCH Barbwired Better than the Rest, has had only 4 litters, but that has so far resulted in some very promising offspring.

In 2021, Baxter became a grandfather 3x over when his daughter from litter #1 “Hägerängens Voxie” gave birth to 5 lovely puppies. This was followed when our own “Stella” Team-Freja Shaula had 2 litters with her co-owners resulting in 4 pups (3,1) after Ch Ollmans Rolle and 6 (4,2) after Multi Ch Petit Surprise de Pemiko. Daughters Luna and Ariel are now living with breeder Carina Hofling and we hope to see great things from them in the future.

3 generations of red ladies at Team-Freja kennel. Luna (left), grandmom Freja (middle) and mother Stella (right)- copyright Carina Hofling, Team-Freja kennel*used with permission

Depite Corona, Baxter’s pups have been a fairly active bunch with several attending the few shows that have not been canceled and participating in hunting and tracking.

From Baxter’s second litter (mother: Bellomis Vodka Lime)at Team-Freja Kennel, sisters Team-Freja Pollux “Ebba” and Team-Freja Shaula “Stella” are blood tracking Ch. Stella additionally has completed BPH and has Excellent on show. Ebba is an active hunter and has helped bring in several roe deer this season.

A happy dog and handler! John and Stella after a successful track.

From Baxter’s 3rd litter at Hummelmoras kennel (mother Bellomis Ina):

Hummelmoras Öjna was on show and awarded Exc 1 with a really nice critique. 🏆

Hummelmoras Önska has been busy with passing both her BPH and anlagsprov for blood tracking. 📯 Furthermore, owner and breeder Anki is hoping to start her hunting this next season. Fingers crossed for nice results!

Hummelmoras Önska- photo by Anki Grahn-Hummelmoras Kennel *used with permission
Hummelmoras Önja- photo by Anki Grahn-Hummelmoras Kennel *used with permission

Finally, Baxter’s 4th litter at Emilias’ kennel (mother: Team-Freja Lillemor):

Emilias Hugo Boss at his very first first show was awarded Excellent, CK and Best Male 4! Additionally, Hugo later passed is anlagsprov for blood tracking and can start in hunting class when shows begin again.

No need to test paternity! Emilas Hugo Boss is a carbon copy (at least in the face!) of dad. 🙂
photo by Kristin Berntsson *used with permission

We are so happy and proud of all the owners and their dogs! Thanks to all of them for putting in the time and effort to show and train. Great to see such nice results over multiple litters.

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Puppies expected week 38 at Team-Freja Kennel

We are happy to announce that our co-owned girl Stella (Team-Freja Shaula) is pregnant and awaiting puppies. The father is handsome and accomplished MultiCH Petit Suprise de Pemiko.

We expect puppies in wild boar and/or red color born week 38. For more information on the upcoming litter, contact Thomas and Carina Hofling at Team-Freja kennel here.

New Health Results for Stella

Stella at 3 years only 3 months after her first litter.

Overall, dachshunds are a healthy breed. They should be exercised regularly and kept trim and in good musculature which will help their hearts, backs and overall health.

Additionally, there are a few known inherited disorders that can affect the breed. Luckily, some of these disorders can be checked genetically to see if the animals are free from the disease causing mutations, are carriers or are affected. In all cases, these identified diseases are recessive, meaning that each parent must carry at least 1 copy in order for this to affect the offspring.

Lafora disease has an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance.[16] EPM2A gene found on chromosome 6q24 and NHLRC1 gene found on chromosome 6p22.3.[17]
The image above depicting a genetically recessive trait (Image from:

The diseases that we tested Stella for included:

Osteogenesis imperfecta “Brittle Bone Disease” a disease where there is an issue in the collagen leading to extremely fragile bones, breaks and tooth problems.

cord1-& crd-PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) is an inherited eye disease that causes loss of function in the cones found in the eyes. This is a progressive disease that ultimately results in day blindness of the dog.

We are happy to report that she is N/N for all 3 diseases tested where “N” indicates normal, non-mutated copies of the genes which means Stella will only pass on “normal” copies to her future puppies. As all the diseases tested are recessive and need 2 copies of the mutant gene for the dog to be affected, this means none of Stella’s puppies should be affected by these 3 diseases.

There are of course other diseases/conditions that cannot be tested genetically, such as cataracts, which is why it is important that we additionally do practical eye exams every 3 years per recommendation of the Swedish dachshund club. Stella was tested in late December 2020 and was found to have healty, clear eyes.

Lastly (for fun) we tested color and furnishings. Stella was as expected Ay/Aw meaning she has 1 red allele and 1 wildboar allele so her puppies can be either of these colors (although red is dominant to wildboar), but she does not carry alleles for brown or black and tan.

Furnishings in wirehaired dachshunds indicates the eye brows and beard that give the breed their distinct appearance. Stella is F/F meaning she carries 2 alleles for funishings and all her puppies should have beard and eyebrows.

Daughter Luna (Team-Freja Luna Piena: 4 months), grandmother Freja (Bellomis Vodka Lime: 10 years) and mother Stella (Team- Freja Shaula: 3,5 years) summer 2021.

Puppies available after Öllmans Rolle & Team-Freja Shaula

On the 27th of February 4 puppies- 3 boys and a girl- were born to first time parents Team-Freja Shaula “Stella” and Öllmans Rolle at Team-Freja kennel outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

The 2 red boys are looking for homes where they can be active (ex. show, hunting, tracking, trials, nosework). Both parents have excellent temperaments and are, themselves, active dogs.

Both Stella and Rolle have had their eyes checked without remarks. Stella has been genetically tested and free from mutations causing OI and crd-PRA (read more here).

Stella is Champion in bloodtracking in Sweden, has completed the BPH and has Excellent on show. Additionally, Stella has been training in nosework and has started hunting (drev) this past year and we plan to continue with her in 2021.

Rolle is both Swedish Show Champion and Swedish hunting (drev) Champion. Rolle is an active hunting dog with excellent temperament, size and coat.

The puppies will be vet checked and ready to move to their new homes at the end of April. If you are interested in knowing more about the puppies, please contact Carina or Thomas at Team-Freja Kennel:

Co-Owner wanted; Fodervärd/delägare sökes

We are currently searching for a co-owner for a standard wirehaired dachshund (normal strävhårigtax). Foreign bloodlines, health cleared parents, hunting pedigree (under and aboveground). For more details, contact us at or by phone (See “Contact,” sms or voice message). Swedish or English contact is fine.

What we ask of our co-owners:

-You live within 150 km/2 hr drive of Kungsbacka.

-You are active with the dog (long walks, socialization) and keep it fit. The dog should be treated as a “member of the family.”

-The dog will need to be available for dog shows, blood tracking, hunting trials and may need to stay with us for a few days for training and trials. Extra priority will be given to those with a desire to show, hunt or track or work together with us on these points. We are happy to assist in training owners on these points.

– General agreements for male/females:

Before breeding- the dog has been health tested , show & or working tested and reached the age recommended by the SvTK (3 years).

Males- For a male dog, we retain mating rights for up to 6 litters, maximum age of 7 years old. The male will be with us when the mating is to take place.

Females- Owners must be in contact to state when the female starts her heat (every time) so that this can be noted for future mating plans. The female will be with me for mating and then at the latest two weeks before the birth of the puppies. She will be returned to her host family when the puppies are 8 weeks of age. We retain mating rights for 2 litters maximum until the female is 5 years old.

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Puppies born at Emilias Kennel

We are happy to announce that 7 puppies- 5 boys and 2 girls-  were born on the 4th of March at Emilias Kennel in Göteborg. Mother Lillemor and the pups are doing wonderfully. There are still some boys looking for new, active homes. If you are interested, please contact Emilias Kennel.


Puppies expected week 10

A litter of normal wirehaired dachshunds are expected at Emilias Kennel outside Gothenburg, Sweden the first week in March. The father is our Baxter and the mother is SEVCH Team-Freja Lillemor ( Excellent, CK, Cert) who is an active deer hunter and excellent weight of 7.8 kg. Baxter has performed mentality tests/BHP/BPH in 3 countries (Switzerland, Germany and Sweden) and has the following testing merits:

Germany-Sfk, SP (Hare Drev-anlagsprov), BHP-G (TS-best of day)

Italy– SchwhK/40 (Elite-Viltspårprov 40 hrs; 92pts, 2nd in trial)

Switzerland- WaT (water test-full points)

Sweden- SEVCH (3x1st prize open class + 1xHP); Grytprov (underground aptitude test on badger) Kval 2

Inbreeding coefficient on the litter is 0.2%

Baxter at the BPH

John was kind enough to send his birthday at the BPH with Baxter. I’ve tested Baxter in companion dog/mental tests in Germany and Switzerland in the past, but the Swedish version was something new to me. We went into it only watching the video from the SKK (seen here), but I am sure some people practice for certain moments. In any case, Baxter got a shining report and comments from the examiner. Below you can see the spindle diagram with Baxter’s results (in red) and the breed’s result (all dachshunds) in blue.Screenshot 2019-11-02 at 18.03.59

We are so proud of our handsome, friendly, stable boy.

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