Not all dachshunds love water (Freddie can attest to that), but Baxter is a bit of a water rat. His mama Iiris is also a water lover. Liina has yet to make her point of view known.

From the first week we had him, Baxter showed off his swimming ability. The little guy thought that the lilypads in my friend’s garden were sturdy enough to hold him. With a splash, I ran over to save the little pup, only to find him swimming away like a pro. I lifted him out of the pond only to hear another splash a little while later…

rsz_11bax_and_waterHis first passed hunting exam was water retrieving, which he did with gusto, earning full points and being asked to stay on as a back up dog in case someone didn’t want to swim out to the duck.

bax and duck

By this point, it should come as little surprise that Baxter will wade into any body of water we come across. While out for out first sunny, warm, spring-like day this year, we found a small pond in the dog park down in Malmö. After finding a stick (then a bigger stick), we had some fun retrieving until my little “otter” decided that the water was just too cold for him. The air is starting to feel like spring and the blue skies are giving everyone a much needed energy jolt. Here are a few photos, proving that dachshunds can love water! 🙂