Our “Baxter” MultiCH Barbwired Better than the Rest, has had only 4 litters, but that has so far resulted in some very promising offspring.

In 2021, Baxter became a grandfather 3x over when his daughter from litter #1 “Hägerängens Voxie” gave birth to 5 lovely puppies. This was followed when our own “Stella” Team-Freja Shaula had 2 litters with her co-owners resulting in 4 pups (3,1) after Ch Ollmans Rolle and 6 (4,2) after Multi Ch Petit Surprise de Pemiko. Daughters Luna and Ariel are now living with breeder Carina Hofling and we hope to see great things from them in the future.

3 generations of red ladies at Team-Freja kennel. Luna (left), grandmom Freja (middle) and mother Stella (right)- copyright Carina Hofling, Team-Freja kennel*used with permission

Depite Corona, Baxter’s pups have been a fairly active bunch with several attending the few shows that have not been canceled and participating in hunting and tracking.

From Baxter’s second litter (mother: Bellomis Vodka Lime)at Team-Freja Kennel, sisters Team-Freja Pollux “Ebba” and Team-Freja Shaula “Stella” are blood tracking Ch. Stella additionally has completed BPH and has Excellent on show. Ebba is an active hunter and has helped bring in several roe deer this season.

A happy dog and handler! John and Stella after a successful track.

From Baxter’s 3rd litter at Hummelmoras kennel (mother Bellomis Ina):

Hummelmoras Öjna was on show and awarded Exc 1 with a really nice critique. 🏆

Hummelmoras Önska has been busy with passing both her BPH and anlagsprov for blood tracking. 📯 Furthermore, owner and breeder Anki is hoping to start her hunting this next season. Fingers crossed for nice results!

Hummelmoras Önska- photo by Anki Grahn-Hummelmoras Kennel *used with permission
Hummelmoras Önja- photo by Anki Grahn-Hummelmoras Kennel *used with permission

Finally, Baxter’s 4th litter at Emilias’ kennel (mother: Team-Freja Lillemor):

Emilias Hugo Boss at his very first first show was awarded Excellent, CK and Best Male 4! Additionally, Hugo later passed is anlagsprov for blood tracking and can start in hunting class when shows begin again.

No need to test paternity! Emilas Hugo Boss is a carbon copy (at least in the face!) of dad. 🙂
photo by Kristin Berntsson *used with permission

We are so happy and proud of all the owners and their dogs! Thanks to all of them for putting in the time and effort to show and train. Great to see such nice results over multiple litters.