On the 27th of February 4 puppies- 3 boys and a girl- were born to first time parents Team-Freja Shaula “Stella” and Öllmans Rolle at Team-Freja kennel outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

The 2 red boys are looking for homes where they can be active (ex. show, hunting, tracking, trials, nosework). Both parents have excellent temperaments and are, themselves, active dogs.

Both Stella and Rolle have had their eyes checked without remarks. Stella has been genetically tested and free from mutations causing OI and crd-PRA (read more here).

Stella is Champion in bloodtracking in Sweden, has completed the BPH and has Excellent on show. Additionally, Stella has been training in nosework and has started hunting (drev) this past year and we plan to continue with her in 2021.

Rolle is both Swedish Show Champion and Swedish hunting (drev) Champion. Rolle is an active hunting dog with excellent temperament, size and coat.

The puppies will be vet checked and ready to move to their new homes at the end of April. If you are interested in knowing more about the puppies, please contact Carina or Thomas at Team-Freja Kennel: http://www.teamfreja.se/kontakt.html.