A litter of normal wirehaired dachshunds are expected at Emilias Kennel outside Gothenburg, Sweden the first week in March. The father is our Baxter and the mother is SEVCH Team-Freja Lillemor ( Excellent, CK, Cert) who is an active deer hunter and excellent weight of 7.8 kg. Baxter has performed mentality tests/BHP/BPH in 3 countries (Switzerland, Germany and Sweden) and has the following testing merits:

Germany-Sfk, SP (Hare Drev-anlagsprov), BHP-G (TS-best of day)

Italy– SchwhK/40 (Elite-Viltspårprov 40 hrs; 92pts, 2nd in trial)

Switzerland- WaT (water test-full points)

Sweden- SEVCH (3x1st prize open class + 1xHP); Grytprov (underground aptitude test on badger) Kval 2

Inbreeding coefficient on the litter is 0.2%