2019.07.07- They did it! John and Stella worked their way to a final 1st prize in viltspår today making Stella a Swedish Viltspår champion! The judge warned of a moose and her calf in the forest today and it was a super rainy weekend, but Stella managed the track in a commendable 19 minutes. John was a natural handler and did a spectacular job with his first dog.

This makes the 2nd of Baxter’s puppies to earn their Swedish Blood tracking champion and both from the same litter. Sister Ebba earned her champion title few weeks earlier. We are SO proud of these girls!

SEVCH* Team-Freja Pollux and SEVCH* Team-Freja Shaula (titles in homologation)

4 of the 7 puppies in Team-Freja’s “Star” litter after MultiCH/Winner Barbwired Better than the Rest and CH Bellomis Vodka Lime (Photo courtesy of Team-Freja Kennel)

Congrats to owners and breeder!