Stella at 3 years  (3 months after her 1st litter)


Stella stand

Stella at 17 months

SEVCH Team-Freja Shaula


Born: 2018.01.14

Co-owned with J. Nordqvist

Official Show results: Excellent in hunting class

Unofficial show results: BIR-valp; Ex1 HP, BOB/J; BIG1/J: BOB; BIG2

Working results: Sfk, Godkänd viltspår anlagsklass (2018.12.28), 3x 1st prize Open class (2019)-Swedish Bloodtracking Champion (SEVCH)!

Mental test: BPH (2020.06.06)

Health results:

Eye exam- UA (clear-no remarks) 2020.12.23 & 2022.11.29                                                                                                 

Voluntary Genetic tests- Osteogenesis Imperfecta(OI)-N/N; crd-PRA-N/N; cord1-PRA-N/N: Furnishings: F/F

These test results mean that Stella is genetically normal (N/N; wild-type) and does NOT carry mutations causing Osteogenesis Imperfecta “brittle bone disease” or Progressive Retinal Atrophy crd-PRA “day blindness.”  Additionally, Stella is homozygous normal for furnishings (F/F), meaning that all of her puppies will be wirehaired with eye brows and beard.

Additionally, Stella has been training nosework and has been out in the forest to try hunting (drev). We hope to continue to work with her in the future in both disciplines.

Stella and John GK viltspar




John and Stella after a successful blood track. 










MultiCH/Winner J SEVCH Barbwired Better than the Rest (Sfk, Sp, Grytanlagsprov, SchwhK/40, Spårprov, WaT, BHP-G) x CH Bellomis Vodka Lime (Spårprov)