Born: 2021.11.07

Reg# VDH/DTK 21T2966R & SE31860/2022

Co-owed with J. Johansson

Official Show results: Junior class- Excellent 2

Unofficial show results: None yet

Working results: None yet; Zoe is an active hunter and readily hunts deer and rabbit/hares.

Health results: OI free & crd-PRA free (by parentage)

Zoe is our newest addition from the well known German kennel “von Eisenstein”. She is a lovely puppy that loves people and other dogs. She has been my shadow while at home and is very willing to please. In daily life, she lives with our friend Jessica who is an avid hunter and dedicated dog owner. She has been doing fantastic work with Zoe thus far, practicing obedience, blood tracking and gun shot training.

So far Zoe is showing a lot of promise and we hope that in a few years, she will be approved for breeding. Until then, she will be trying a lot of exciting new things and hopefully be Jessica’s succesful hunting companion.