CIB CIE MultiCH/Winner J SEVCH Barbwired Better than the Rest (Sfk, Sp, Schwhk/40, WaT, Grytprov kval 2, Open class tracking 1st prize HP, BHP-G(TS))

11844965_10103382959808323_5948618240455871783_oBaxterBAXTER 2014 08 09

was mated to J Team-Freja Dharma (CK, res-CERT, GK anlagsspår, Drevprov).


Puppies Expected in early January 2017


COI of litter 0.4%


*Stop sign indicates this female as had 5 litters


(copyright Moniker Kennel. Photo credits to Team-Freja, Barbwired, Val Vezzeno, Hissmovallens, Taxette’s & Bellomis Kennels)

*Line breeding on Freckle-Face(FF) “L” Litter (Freckle-Face Tempra x Vestus vom Tannenbruch): FFLeader father to Taxette’s Fontana & FFLouLou mother to FF Zander(4th generation), FF Lorraine grandmother to Bellomis Viking Line (6th generation). Additionally FF Imperial is father to FF Zander and grandfather to Bellomis Viking line.


Left to right: FF Excellence, FF Imperial, FF Joseline, FF  Tempra, FF Loulou, FF Leader

(Photos above and below copyright M. Lampero)

FF Loulou.jpg

FF Loulou

FF Leader.jpg

FF Leader


FF Lorraine